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Swimming Pool Cleaning Services in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona

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We keep striving to be the best in the business in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona, and we are always looking for better and more efficient ways to meet and exceed our customers' needs. We specialize in the following commercial and residential pool services. Enjoy your pool and spa this season in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona without having to worry about keeping it clean, changing the filter, or making sure the chemical levels are just right. We can provide maintenance so all you have to do is enjoy that crystal clear water. Need new equipment installed? Ready to upgrade your existing system? We can even install automated control systems. We are experienced in installing and repairing all types of systems and technical setups in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona. Are the chemicals at the right level? What do I do if algae starts appearing? How do I clean the filter? Those are some of the most common questions pool owners ask themselves. Are you ready to get back to just enjoying your water without having to worry about maintaining it? We specialize in keeping your spa and pool clean and looking good all year round! There’s no worse feeling than having a pool on a hot day, but not being able to enjoy relaxing and cooling off because there is something wrong that isn’t working properly. We are a premier quality swimming pool repair service. We do repairs and troubleshooting throughout the Peoria & Glendale, Arizona counties. A pool is only as good as the equipment that keeps it clean and running. Because of this, we know we wouldn’t be a great pool service without knowing how to install, repair, and even upgrade pool equipment. If you are building a new pool and would like to hire us to do the equipment installation alone, we would be happy to help.

Commercial Pool Cleaning Services in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona

Pool Treatment | Weekly Pool Cleaning | Pool Skimming | Pool Chemical Balancing

Do you wish you used your swimming pool more often? We all juggle a lot living in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona, and when you do find time to relax at your pool (or have friends & families over) - the last thing you want is a dirty pool. Our dedication to our pool cleaning process, diligence to details, and obsession with crystal clear pools won't remove all the stress in your life, but you will have a pristine crystal clear pool. With the year-long sun in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona, a properly maintained swimming pool becomes an absolute necessity. I mean, what other way would you enjoy everything that this city has to offer if you are not able to enjoy it, in its high temperatures, and what better way to do that than cooling yourself down in a swimming pool. A swimming pool is undoubtedly the most important investment in your Peoria & Glendale, Arizona home - especially given our year-long hot days - and ensuring that it’s properly serviced is extremely crucial. I mean, is there anything worse than desiring to enjoy your pool but only to be stopped by green algae growing inside? For me, and am sure for you as well, there isn’t. That being said, at our company, we offer all-inclusive and comprehensive pool services that have served residential and commercial pool owners for decades. Our packages to our customers, both new and existing, are unrivaled, in terms of affordability and efficiency. We provide quality pool servicing on an ongoing, regular basis. What’s more, we ensure your pool is taken care of, helping you avoid unnecessary costs. With regards to our pricing, we are customer-centric as we put our customers first when determining the prices. As well, we examine the amount of work a pool needs before determining the price. Our experience allows us to cover each and every aspect of cleaning, maintenance, and repair of swimming pools.


Pool Cleaning & Pool Maintenance Services in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona

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Are you entertaining friends and family in your Peoria & Glendale, Arizona pool constantly? Is your pool being used almost all the time? Providing you peace of mind is our specialty. We have experts who have the willingness, know-how, and experience to remedy the situation. As a matter of fact, our main goal is to ensure that we maintain your pool properly, so as to help you save money that you would otherwise spend on its renovation. We both know that failure to maintain it well will require you to renovate it, which is quite expensive. We pride ourselves on having the most reliable, efficient, and affordable pool maintenance team who have been maintaining residential and commercial pools in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona for decades. The size of your pool is irrelevant to us, our goal is to ensure that it is kept as neat as possible and that the problems are all fixed. To us, pool maintenance isn’t just a job, it’s a passion. Our dedicated teams of professionals are more than happy to help you maintain your pool to its best possible state; I mean, we are pool enthusiasts, and the feedback we get from our clients is always taken to heart. We understand that a pool is a major investment and it’s important to you, and we will hold it to the same standards when maintaining it. We are not only good at maintaining pools, but we are cleaning specialists too. We provide a tailored and unique cleaning service in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona so as to cater to your specific needs and requirements. Our cleaning experts are highly trained and skilled and have decades of experience in pool cleaning. We provide these services on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to schedule an appointment or ask any queries that you may have.

Pool Treatment Services in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona

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The way you repair and maintain the key equipment pieces in your pool will most certainly determine the time period that both you and your family will spend enjoying it. Whether it’s your filtration system, pump, or motor, checking them regularly is crucially important. The good news is that we are professional equipment-repair specialists in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona and we will provide you with a unique and tailored repair service to cater to your equipment needs. Our highly trained and experienced repair experts have the know-how and the most cutting-edge tools to fix your problem. Therefore, whichever equipment-related problem you may be having, don’t hesitate to call us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have, at no charge! For pool owners in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona, pool repair is a fact of life. For most, it’s actually stressful, especially when their pool equipment is performing poorly. One thing is for sure, in order to keep your pool in great shape, you need to ensure that your pool equipment is performing efficiently. If your equipment starts to malfunction, you'll want to service them promptly before the problem escalates turning your precious pool into an unusable amenity. Whenever a client hires us, we carry each and every type of replacement part that is available to us so as to ensure that we keep the downtime of your pool as minimal as possible. And if we don’t have the needed part in stock, we then utilize our distributors from all around Peoria & Glendale, Arizona who help us get the part as quickly as possible. We offer pool repair services for every piece of equipment in your pool, including pumps, filters as well as heaters. Our team of highly trained and skilled technicians have decades of experience and knowledge when it comes to pool equipment, and are able to expertly remedy any problem in your pool.


Swimming Pool Maintenance in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona

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Basically, a pool pump in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona acts as the workhorse of the pool’s filtration system. It has two main parts; the motor and the pump housing. Our pool repair experts are able to operate and repair all types of pumps used in pools today – including the traditional single-speed pumps, variable-speed pumps as well as two-speed pumps. Whichever type of pump is in your Peoria & Glendale, Arizona pool, you can rest assured that we’ll service, repair, and upgrade it in no time. And should your pump be damaged beyond repair, we are also super proficient when it comes to the replacement and installation of new pumps. We understand the importance of a pump in a pool – which is to circulate water all around your pool distributing necessary chemicals and keeping it clear and sparkling. We also know that if the pump motor starts malfunctioning, it will greatly impact your enjoyment in the pool. Moreover, we can also determine if your pool has the right pump, helping you avoid the damage that an improperly-sized pump can cause to other pool equipment and also helping you save on energy. So, whichever pump-related problem you may be having, our pool repair technicians in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona are ready and will attend to it immediately. At our company, we believe that filters are super important to the state and functionality of your pool and that it is incumbent upon you – as the pool owner – to ensure that the filters in your pool are operating efficiently. Before making a decision on whether to replace or repair a pool filter, several variables must be considered first, and this includes the fact that there are three types of filters available; sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth – where each one requires to be considered separately. So, this means that you will need highly skilled and experienced pool repair experts to work on your pool filters.

Pool Vacuuming and Pool Skimming Services in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona

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At our company in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona, we pride ourselves on having experts who are more than ready to take on any filter-related problem that our clients have. We usually walk all our customers through the entire process, explaining all their options to them. We always want all our Peoria & Glendale, Arizona customers to be informed – for them to know exactly what we will be doing in their pools, and how we will carry out the work. We have decades of experience in repairing and replacing pool filters of different shapes and sizes in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona. So repairing filters comes easy to us. If you have any questions regarding your filters, feel free to call us, we will answer them all, free of charge. Let’s face it, if you have a pool in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona, it’s because you want to enjoy it whenever you like, regardless of the temperature or season; so, what happens when it’s super cold outside and you want to use your pool? I mean, the water will be super cold as well, so you will end up not using it, and honestly, I don't think you are the type of person who will allow the weather outside to dictate whether or not you will be swimming, even when you really want to swim. Therefore, in this case, a heating system is exactly what you need in your pool to ensure that you will have a pleasurable and comfortable experience every time you have a swim, even when it’s cold. Having said that, the heaters in your Peoria & Glendale, Arizona swimming pool require special care. If these heaters start to malfunction, due to their complexity and technical aspect, only qualified individuals are allowed to repair them. We have such individuals in our company – individuals who have decades of experience in replacing, repairing, and maintaining pool heaters.


Green Pool Correction Services in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona

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Let us treat your green pool and get the beautiful and inviting pool you desire. We have the expertise in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona to help you! Our staff in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona will evaluate and remediate the source of the problem – poor chemistry, equipment problems, dirty filters resulting in poor circulation, etc. Use a variety of chemical agents to treat the problem and eliminate the algae. We use special equipment to filtrate out green algae and other debris from your swimming pool. Algae in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona is a fast-growing bacteria so it’s crucial to limit algae growth with proper maintenance. While the algae itself is not a direct hazard to the human body it can be breeding grounds for bug larvae, rodents, and many other hazardous bacteria types that present potential threats. There are many different types of algae and it’s important to understand the difference to effectively treat them. Algae can also become a slippery slime which presents another hazard of slipping and falling and potentially drowning. So, it’s also important to remove any algae around the swimming pool, such as on the deck. If you catch it quickly enough, shock treatments and running the pump continuously can kill the algae and turn your pool from swampy green back to sparkling blue. However, leaving a green pool untreated for even a couple of days may require methods that are more aggressive. Your pool may even need to be drained, scrubbed, refilled, and balanced. Our technicians at Doris Taylor Pools, LLC in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona are fully trained in the latest technologies and techniques in swimming pool repair. We also realize the urgency of pool repair and maintenance to avoid potential hazards and unnecessary costs. Doris Taylor Pools, LLC in Peoria & Glendale, Arizona promises quick and efficient repairs on your swimming pool or spa.




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