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Pool Cleaning & Pool Maintenance
in Phoenix, Arizona

Year-Round Pool Services for All Seasons:

There's nothing quite like a scorching summer day spent cooling off in the water. At Doris Taylor Pools, we're committed to ensuring that your pool performs at its absolute best, no matter the season. If you're seeking a qualified and experienced pool service company, don't hesitate to reach out and discover how we can assist you. Your pool deserves the expert care of a knowledgeable pool service technician, and you can trust the industry leaders at Doris Taylor Pools for all your swimming pool needs.

Dependable Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs:

We understand the importance of a fully functional pool, and that's why we offer reliable swimming pool equipment repairs. At Doris Taylor Pools, we go the extra mile to provide the dependable service you deserve. We know how frustrating it can be to have a pool that's unfit for swimming. Rest assured, we'll swiftly diagnose any issues, communicate the results through a phone call or email, and provide a clear explanation. This means you won't have to spend your valuable time tending to the pool while we take care of what needs to be done.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, a well-cared-for pool can significantly enhance a property's value. Arizona stands out for having one of the most dynamic and competitive pool industries in the nation, known for pool-based activities to beat the scorching summer heat. Therefore, we have dedicated ourselves over the years to providing top-tier pool services with personalized maintenance plans.

Choose us as your trusted resource for all your pool-related needs and experience the epitome of Arizona pool service excellence. Explore our services and discover the Doris Taylor Pools experience!

  • Monthly Pool Maintenance Service: Dive into worry-free pool ownership with our comprehensive monthly pool service packages.
  • Pool Equipment Tune-Ups: Ensure your pool equipment stays in top shape with our detailed Tune-Ups service. We catch early signs of wear to prevent major issues and help you avoid surprise repairs.
  • Filter Cleans: Keep your pool water crystal clear with our professional filter cleaning service.
  • Pool Equipment Repairs: When your pool equipment needs fixing, our expert technicians have you covered.
  • Green Cleans: Turn your green pool back into a sparkling oasis with our green pool cleaning services.
  • Remodeling & Renovation Services: Transform your pool into the outdoor paradise you've always dreamed of, or start from scratch with our new pool build partnerships.

  • Why Our Pool Maintenance & Pool Equipment Repairs in Phoenix, Arizona Is Effective

    What sets our pool cleaning and maintenance services in Phoenix, Arizona apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence. We bring our years of pool service experience to every project we undertake on behalf of our valued local customers across Arizona, including Phoenix, Peoria, and Glendale.

    This dedication ensures that every pool we handle, whether for servicing, maintenance, optimization, or repairs receives exceptional care. Our goal is to create a lasting and noticeable impact that endures, making your pool a source of pride and enjoyment for you and your family to swim happy! Explore our services and discover the Doris Taylor Pools experience!

    Green Pool Correction Services
    in Phoenix, Arizona

    Even the most exquisite properties can lose their charm when complacency creeps into pool maintenance. Neglect often transforms a once-resplendent swimming pool into an eyesore filled with debris, emitting unpleasant odors, or tainted with an unsightly green tint, typically caused by burgeoning algae growth. The quickest and most effective solution involves a combination of rigorous pool cleaning practices, expertly executed by our team at Doris Taylor Pools, and a strategic regimen of preventive pool maintenance. This dual approach not only corrects the immediate issues but also guards against future algae invasions. To learn more about how our pool cleaning and preventative maintenance programs can rejuvenate even the most neglected pools, please reach out to our dedicated green pool specialists serving your Arizona city, whether it's Phoenix, Peoria, or Glendale. Your pool's transformation awaits!

    What Difference Can Doris Taylor Pools make for you?

    At Doris Taylor Pools, we understand that no two pools, properties, or customers are identical. We prioritize safety and effectiveness by exclusively employing proven, safe, and reliable pool cleaning products when entrusted with the task of revitalizing a green pool for our valued clients in Phoenix, Arizona. Your pool's transformation is our commitment!



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